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 of 1996 survey of Canadians about citizen associations

The survey was conducted by Environics in 1996 on behalf of a dozen Canadian consumer groups and involved questioning 2,000 Canadians in personal interviews about their support of the pamphlet method for organizing citizen watchdog groups for business sectors in Canada.

The survey found that 64% of Canadians want governments to require businesses to enclose the watchdog group pamphlet in their mailings to customers, or distribute a notice about the watchdog group in other ways to individual customers and shareholders, to give them an easy way to join together in the watchdog group and have their interests represented in the marketplace and in government policy-making, and to learn about products and services and have a place to help with complaints about unfair service and poor products.

People surveyed also said that they were willing to pay a membership fee of about $30 annually, and 35% of those who would join the group would also be willing to donate $35 annually above the membership fee.

To see the full survey report, click here (PDF).

As well, in 1997, Canadian citizen groups were surveyed about the pamphlet method for forming and funding citizen associations to watch over business sectors -- to see the survey report, click here (PDF).

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