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Groups call for 10 questions to be answered about Government’s plan to appoint toothless whistleblower watchdog

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

OTTAWA—This afternoon the Government Operations Committee is scheduled to question Mario Dion, the PM’s choice for Integrity Commissioner to replace former commissioner Christiane Ouimet, who resigned in disgrace after the AG found that she was not doing her job,and was rewarded with a $500,000 payout.


The Canadian whistleblower charity FAIR is calling for 10 questions about this nomination to be fully answered by Mr. Dion and the government.  This call is supported by other accountability groups including Canadians for Accountability and Democracy Watch.


The committee meeting will take place in room 237C, Centre Block, between 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm and will be televised.  Numerous whistleblowers and observers will be present including Joanna Gualtieri, Allan Cutler, Shiv Chopra, Sean Bruyea and David Hutton, and will be available to the media before and after the meeting to record their observations.


The choice of Integrity Commissioner will largely determine whether the government’s accountability efforts can have any substance over the next seven years: so-called ‘ironclad’ whistleblower protection was the centerpiece of the government’s vaunted Federal Accountability Act after it came to power on a promise to ‘clean up’ government. .

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Tyler Sommers, Coordinator of Democracy Watch or Duff Conacher, Board member of Democracy Watch and Chairperson of the Government Ethics Coalition
Tel: (613) 241-5179

David Hutton, Executive Director, FAIR (Federal Accountability Initiative for Reform)
Tel: (613) 567-1511

Allan Cutler, President, Canadians for Accountability
Tel: (613) 863-4671

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NOTE: FAIR and the Government Ethics Coalition call on federal parties to penalize Ouimet for her misconduct and claw back her obscene, undeserved $500,000 severance payoff (NOTE: The alliance has demanded that the payoff be cancelled and has also requested that the Auditor General audit the payoff and all other similar recent payoffs by the federal government).

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